Your All Time Favourite Nescafé With A Splash Of Technology

Your All Time Favourite Nescafé With A Splash Of Technology

nescafe vr date

The season of love is here!!! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than over a cup of coffee? As soon as coffee strikes our eardrums, our hearts chant NESCAFÉ!!

nescafe vr date cold coffee

This Valentine’s, Nescafé did not come empty-handed, it got surprises for all of us. After all, what better way to celebrate love than giving surprises?

Let’s enter the atmosphere of love with the aroma of fresh nescafé coffee!! This season, Nescafé introduces us to the fresh range of it’s coffee with augmented reality. Enter in the chilly breeze of the mountains, the summer vibes of the beaches, and even the jazzy sounds of your LIT music concerts. This Valentine’s, go on special dates with NESCAFÉ!!

On scanning the packs, consumers can venture into various destinations to make the most of their coffee date. This virtual reality filter allows you to experience the mountains, beaches, and groovy music concerts! This innovation has created a whole buzz amongst all generations as it enables you to walk and live in the whole virtual ambiance by playing your favorite songs. Not just that, make your loved ones feel special by adding a special customized message and take a selfie and share this dreamy experience with others!!

Adding his views on this creative innovation, Mehernosh Malia, Director- Dairy, Nestlé India said, “This is the first-ever Augmented Reality experience available on the packs of the deliciously refreshing NESCAFÉ Ready to Drink cold coffee range. Not being able to travel freely can be quite frustrating for all of us. If you wish to teleport yourself to the destination of your choice, point your mobile phone at the NESCAFÉ Ready to Drink cold coffee, choose your destination, and enjoy the experience!

Chill Karo, you don’t have to go so far for love!

Go to, let your phone camera scan the front of the pack, and take your date to the mountains, the beach, or even a music concert! What’s the wait for? HURRY!!

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