Top Brands are Embracing Eco-Packaging

Top Brands are Embracing Eco-Packaging


Who doesn’t know the deep negative sentiment that comes attached with plastic packaging. FMCG and packaging suppliers globally are looking for Eco-friendly substitutes for plastic.

Most Brilliant Examples of Eco-friendly Packaging

Tide pods are beautifully designed product with Zero Waste.

These are water soluble packs which dissolve in the washer leaving behind NOTHING.

We heard Pepsi is soon launching water cans to replace plastic bottles.

Well that’s a game changer! This will surely create a buzz amongst the environmentally conscious millennials. They aim to eliminate 8000 MT of virgin plastic.

Unilever introduced Solero Ice cream in a wrapper-less packing

Take out straight from the freezer and gobble it. Why tear a plastic wrapper and bear the guilt of polluting the environment while the ice cream will taste only better without that guilt. They claim to reduce plastic use by 35%

P&G releases refillable packaging

The Company offers“collect & recycle” circle solutions designed to eliminate packaging waste. Containers made intin, stainless steel and glass and are refilled by the company via an outsourced channel.

Opinion: Packaging will get smarter, more intelligent and more easy on the environment and we are embracing the trend.

Impresario Promotions believes in making this world a better place aiming to integrate sustainable solutions within our system and across our business partners.

Stay tuned to our next article to know about the use of Eco-friendly materials in promotional goods industry.

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