The Superfast Journey of Lifebuoy

The Superfast Journey of Lifebuoy

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Earlier consumer perception of the brand..

Starting from being positioned as a men’s soap to moving very swiftly into the picture of being family-oriented, Lifebuoy’s positioning shift has been a very interesting journey. The brand has smartly adopted the changing demographics and moved its communication strategy from promoting “Tandarusti” (better body health, men centric) to promoting germ-free hygiene for the entire family (focusing on kids).

Aim behind the ongoing marketing campaigns..

Over the long years of existence, Lifebuoy has not only traced the business growth but has equally focused to track its social impact. Adding to the brand’s reach of 458+ million people through their running and past social programs (2010-2018), the brand aims to change the hygiene behavior of 1 billion people across Asia, Africa and Latin America by 2020. 

Catchy campaigns never miss the target..

The bronze win in 2012 Global Effie Award showcased the outstanding creativity of the brand and its unique proposition of killing 99.9% germs in just 10 seconds. The Superfast campaign was a big hit for its bold way of connecting with the consumer with a focus on leveraging the mother’s concern about children not washing their hands for long enough. The product (Hand Wash) catered to the mother’s concern perfectly by acting faster and not expecting the kids to change their habits. The campaign was also supported by creative advertisements that generated popular punchlines in the market like “Bunty Tera Sabun Slow Hai Kya” and “Faster Than Skipping” to hit the right audience.

Long way to go..

The Superfast Campaign is a great example of transforming the way a consumer product is innovated and positioned in the market. Let’s wait to see what more is to be unrolled in the upcoming year in this Superfast and Superhygienic promotion trail.

Impresario is eagerly watching out for what’s next..

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