Superheroes Power To Boost Promotion

Superheroes Power To Boost Promotion

lb-sanitizer jacker

The License works best when a great product is combined with a great brand to meet the consumer sentiment.

Why a sanitizer Jacket?

In this time of covid-19, where the main concern of parents comes over the rim of whether to send their children to school or not, these sanitizer jackets come to the rescue!!
It has become a part of our lives now to regularly sanitize our hands. This gives the parents a factor of relief and finally, now parents are ready to make this move!

Lifebuoy took kids back to school in coolest way

Lifebuoy along with Impresario promotions created these super fun and useful jackets for the kids. As we all know that  kids are getting back to schools now, post a long and a drastic period of time. Hence, Lifebuoy has assured their interest along keeping the safety measures intact.
Kids can now relate themselves with super cool comic character-Batman, Superman, and Wonder woman, after they attach these sanitizer jackets to their backpacks. 

This idea of lifebuoy has not only encouraged the children to get back to their schools happily but also to be safe and hygienic in this pandemic time. Just like these kids can fight with the germs like a superhero!

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