The Changing Face of Promotional Marketing

The Changing Face of Promotional Marketing

The Changing face of Promotional Marketing

Change is the dominant fact in every aspect of life today. And the ability to master and exploit change has become one of the most sought-after skillsets. This is particularly true in the promotional marketing industry as well where the brands and their tempo of change is constantly quickening. 

Promotional marketing stands for building a connect with the consumers by gratifying them with customized and likeable gifts to establish top of mind brand recall. Having said that, promotional freebies are not just casual or random merchandise anymore. The brands put a lot of thought and effort into cracking that one product that the consumer will love and resonate with. The ultimate aim being, to satisfy the consumer, thus establishing customer loyalty. 

With time, promotional marketing has evolved and become more personalized and consumer driven. Brands aim to tap into the consumer’s mind, thought process and perspective through different mediums. Infact, to tap the prospective TG, the brands in today’s time also are expanding their horizons and are experimenting with major collaborations that are known and reputed worldwide.

Example: Lifebuoy collaborated with all-time favourite Justice League Chibi Characters and created a DC superhero kit that included three units of sanitizer cover.

Lifebuoy Sanitizer Skin
Special Edition Lifebuoy X DC superhero kit

Similarly, Nivea grasped first movers’ advantage and collaborated with DC creating DC themed merchandise. These collaborations ultimately help the brands in generating enough buzz and targeting new customers while retaining existing ones.

NIVIA DC Collaboration
Special Edition Tumblers on Purchase of Nivea Gifts Box Featuring Chibi Characters

Besides these collaborations, brands have also gone forward and run promotional campaigns on their existing products by linking it with a theme.

Example: Lakme customizing their freebies with a golden product range theme.

Customized Freebie with Lakme Theme Collection
Customized Freebies with Lakme’s Theme Collection

Brands incorporate such strategies as part of their consumer promotions to maximize their target audience. And thanks to our dependence on the internet and social media, such promotions are never missed by the consumers. Through these mediums of communication, consumers are well aware about the new offers and deals that are up for grabs.

Today’s consumer is evolved and therefore brands are willing to expand their horizons leading to an increase in the scope of promotional marketing. Over years, the consumer promotion space has evolved tremendously and we thank and encourage brands that are experimenting with these new marketing trends!

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