Promotional Marketing worth Investing

Promotional Marketing worth Investing


As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, do the old school marketing tactics like giveaways, promotional merchandise, etc are still working?
Well, the studies shout a big “Yes!”
Many market studies talk about the – “Why behind the buy” answering the four w’s of marketing—the who, what, where and when: who buys, what they are buying, where they buy and when they buy.

The PPAI 2017 Buyer Study was designed to understand the significance of promotional products among buyers. The study says over 87% of the surveyed companies credit promotional merchandise for being a major factor in their purchase decision, and 54% said these products helped them to engage with their customers regularly 
 The cost-effective benefits of promotional merchandise such as the flexibility to fit the budget and the bonus exposure provided with no extra cost- was highly acknowledged by the buyers and agencies.

Make your Freebie worth the consumer’s time

Gone are the days when a plastic bucket with the detergent power was enough to delight the customers. The changes that the product with the gift will be grabbed are always high but things change when the free is not desirable.
The consumers have now become more aware, they look for value and meaning in the goods they consume. As per the studies, the freebies still hold an appeal in the marketing world but if not done properly it doesn’t deliver enough bang-for-the-buck.

Ultimately, how promotional merchandise is used in conjunction with the marketing and advertising strategies is all that makes a difference. But if there is one definite, it is that promotional marketing is definitely worth the investment.

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