Nestlé Maggi Steel Spork

Maggi Steel Spork

About the

2 Minute Maggi Classic Noodles, the most loved meal across all ages!  It has not only won millions of hearts but has also managed to become an integral part of the lives of the consumers.

Positioned as a convenience product for Mothers & Fun snack for Children.
Brand wanted to upgrade the experience by giving something that complements the product

Giving High Utility to Mothers & Fun to Children

For a product that targets multiple age groups, the product has to be something  that appeals to the MASS, caters to the DIVERSITY of Indian households and COMPlEMENTS the main product.

Something that is loved by a homemaker, School-going children, travellers, teenagers, hostlers, and everyone.

We came up with SPORK(Spoon + Fork = Spork);Because 2 is better in one

The idea was to give a cutlery item not common in Indian households for invoking the sense of excitement during purchase.

Keeping up with Nestle’s NO PLASTIC POLICY, Stainless Steel fork Promo was an extension of the previous plastic fork promotion.

Bringing the item in the brand’s budget was pretty challenging, but when you do something to make this world a better place, all things just fall right!

AROUND 7,00,000 sporks were given away as a part of this promotion and were received really well in the Modern and General Trade Stores.