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AR Filter with KitKat

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March 1920

Nestle KitKat

In September 2019, Facebook and Instagram opened their platforms for users to create and upload their own AR Selfie Filters. Impresario reached out to its clients to encourage them to use this golden opportunity with KitKat becoming one of the earliest adopters.

KitKat launched the #MyTravelBreak campaign to introduce the audiences to new experiences, both online and offline. The brand selected six offbeat travel destinations around India for travel lovers to explore. An e-commerce exclusive multipack featuring the destinations on chocolate packaging clubbed with cool hand-picked travel accessories created into a travel-kit was made available online.

KitKat launched 6 filters based on these locations on Facebook and Instagram for users to experience something above and beyond the product. The AR filters generated user-engagement via selfies for virtual experiences. TG experiences with filters range from activities like Yak Safari in Sikkim to flower-filled paradise in Kaas Plateau and star-gazing during night safari in Jaisalmer. The combination of physical and virtual offerings successfully generated excitement amongst armchair travelers.

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