Nestlé Milkybar Is Bringing “Wonders Of Ocean” To Kids In Their Home

Nestlé Milkybar Is Bringing “Wonders Of Ocean” To Kids In Their Home

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For kids, the last year was pretty desultory – stuck at home, no school to attend, no exciting outdoor activities to partake of. Things have gone back from bad to worse, only for Covid to come knocking again – once again depriving the little ones of the endless possibilities and adventures that the world offers.

Discover Wonders of Ocean with MILKYBAR®! Take your child on a new ocean journey

In an attempt to cheer up their target group, India’s most loved White treat, Nestlé Milkybar has launched one of a kind innovative Augmented Reality based campaign. The campaign continues with the brand’s purpose of partnering parents across India and encouraging their children to learn science and nature through Milkybar’s yummy and creamy product offerings.


The campaign gets activated on Nestlé Milkybar and Milkybar Mosha packs. On scanning these packs using the parent’s mobile, children experience an  immersive tour of a virtual aquarium. Everyday they will get to meet new aquatic creatures and learn something cool about them.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Mr. Nikhil Chand, Director, Foods and Chocolate & Confectionery, Nestlé India, said, “Nestlé Milkybar, with its range of Yummy, creamy treats with the goodness of Milk 1st recipe, has always been a partner to mothers in their journey to impart learning through playful fun while enjoying a good for you delicious treat. The Wonders of Ocean campaign is an effort to help mothers and kids have the virtual experience of visiting an aquarium at their homes as going out and having a great time with family is difficult in the current times. What makes this campaign unique is the usage of Immersive Augmented Reality technology aimed at making the child’s experience more exciting and engaging and to act as a trigger for their imagination to learn about science and nature in a fun and playful manner. We are confident that children across India will enjoy and learn from this virtual experience this summer.”

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