Makeup kits voice of new Beauty Fashion Trends

Makeup kits voice of new Beauty Fashion Trends


What’s new in 2021? Our makeup kit trend for sure!

We have always been rather fond of the saying ‘Out with the old, In With The New’ — especially when we are standing at the dawn of a fresh new year. With so many amazing and novel things to look forward, we are simply not able to keep calm. However, one thing that ruled our beauty brains in 2020 and will continue to do so in the coming year.
These beautiful  trending gifting kits are all over the internet, giving us an plethora of options to choose from. Personal care and cosmetic items are aspirational for all the Millennials and Gen Z, one can’t go wrong with these assorted kits. We certainly can sense this trend waving a big Hello in  2021.
From the coolest ever Maybelline XOXO Kit to the Charming Sugar Pouch, here’s everything that we are adding to our makeup kit STAT.

Entering 2021 with these Perfect Cosmetic Kits

Maybelline continues to spread its Charm
At this time when people want to feel supported and uplifted by life’s small joys, Maybelline launched the essentials XOXO Kit on Ecomm which signify sharing love and boosting confidence. The Kit included everything that girls need on the go Kajal sticks and Lip color to Face compact and Micellar Cleansing Water.

Why we loved the XOXO Kit?

  • The unconventional design doesn’t fail to grab eyeballs
  • Packed perfectly in a reusable pouch, it is an ideal way to reinforce the brand in consumer’s mind 
  • All-in-1 Essential Kit: For the on-the-go makeup queens, this is the perfect assortment

Ruling along the way-Sugar Cosmetics
Enter the enchanting world of beauty with the best of makeup and skincare that Sugar Cosmetic handpicked just for you! This New Beginners Must Have Kit has all the beauty essentials you’ll need to get started and look your flawless best. SUGAR’s Beginners Must Have Kit comes with an intensely pigmented kohl to glam up your eyes, lipstick, a mini blush, a mini highlighter, and finally a cheat sheet anti-aging mask to freshen up dull skin at the end of a tiring day. 

What’s the best part about this beauty kit?
All these travel-friendly products come in a cute see-through zipper pouch with pink panels – ideal to carry your makeup while travelling.

Insight, Getting it all right!
Get all in one makeup kit from the brand Insight, to add glamorous touch to your look. This kit combo includes primer, lipstick for a fabulous pout, Setting powder for flawless complexion, concealer palette and Shiny Glimmers for divine glow that are long lasting and  provides an excellent finishing in no time. This beauty kit is lovingly tailored for everyone’s beauty needs now ace gorgeous beauty looks that complement any wedding aesthetic and get your Insta-worthy moments perfect between all busy new year preparations.

With the fast-moving lives, these kits have got you covered. For those confused minds, these beauty kits offers convenience in purchase and save a lot of time if you are looking from a gifting perspective. 
Not only that, but a sustainable way to pack the products with these reusable beautifully crafted makeup pouches is very impressive.

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