Maggi Spork – Perfect combination of Spoon & Fork

Maggi Spork – Perfect combination of Spoon & Fork

steel spork impresario

Maggi – The most loved, trusted and go to brand for all age groups. They are not only famous for their mouthwatering taste and 2-minute cooking time but also for their innovative yet quirky consumer promotions. The brand knows and understands the importance of keeping their consumers happy therefore they never refrain from running unique and innovative consumer promotions.

Their philosophy is clear; to appeal to the TG at a deeper level and establish an unforgettable connect with them. As an extension to this, time and again they have come up with interesting free gift concepts that not only resonate with the product/brand but are also of perfect use and utility for the consumers.

Standing in sync with the brand ideologies and uniqueness, yet another creative promotion was ideated and conceptualized. This promotion is none other than,

steel spork impresario

This product was designed to give an uncommon cutlery experience to the audience thus invoking a sense of excitement in them during purchase. Keeping up with Nestle’s NO PLASTIC POLICY, stainless steel spork promo was an extension of the previous plastic fork promotion. It was not only admired by teenagers, mothers and travelers but was appreciated throughout.

Maggi SPORK is a compact, convenient and eco-friendly product.

It eliminates the hassle of carrying two different utensils. It’s compact design makes it convenient for travellers to carry, for students to take in their lunch boxes and for household use, as one does not need to go through the hassle of washing an extra utensil. All these advantages and benefits make this a likeable and time-saving product amongst the TG. 

Around 7000 sporks were given away as a part of this promotion and were received really well in modern and general trade stores. This perfect freebie was offered to all the Maggi lovers on purchase of 420 gm pack.

steel spork impresario

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