Lifebuoy: Shoot The Pandemic Like A Pro

Lifebuoy: Shoot The Pandemic Like A Pro

Lifebuoy Handwash Shooter

With the world changing so rapidly and drastically, technology is no step behind. Every field is trying it’s luck in the hands of the best innovations and novelty ideas. Hence, in such swift races, how is it possible for popular brands to miss a shot? 

This pandemic has surely been a boon to many industries and a curse for a few. The Medical industry has surely got a hit in it’s business and hence the cleanliness products. This pandemic has not only been tough for adults or the elderly but has affected the mental state of little kids as well for not being able to go to school or play outside for a long time. 

Led by such a thought process, the news of Lifebuoy Handwash launching an exciting free as a Shooter toy which is indeed fun-oriented and has surely enlightened the moods of these tiny tots!! Lifebuoy has made the statement “Two birds with one arrow” come true out in the open. Now, not just we can keep our kids safe and clean in this era of viruses but also engage them in the safety of the four-walled homes. The innovation of this freebee serves many purposes in the market. 

lifebuoy shooter packaging

Its DIY element is a must to see!!  No hidden promotion that Lifebuoy kills 99% of the germs- In the same way the kids can cut out the germs printed on the packaging and shoot it all the way resembling it to kill the germs just like the very own product. 

One other positive aspect of the toy is that its packaging is made of eco-friendly materials – Recycled paper.

This innovative idea of Lifebuoy with the collaboration with Impresario Promotions has led us to believe we can find a way ahead even beyond a dead-end!!

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