Kids- Tough to Impress?

Kids- Tough to Impress?


…May be not for Crest

Crest, a toothpaste and oral hygiene products brand by Procter and Gamble(P & G) came up with“Remember0to Brush” Campaign.

The brand gave away Dentist Recommended 2 Minute Brushing Sand Timer,Plastic Mouthwash Rinse Cup and tooth charm with licensed character stickers. 

Because when brushing is fun, it gets done.

Why should you use action figures in your Children Marketing?

Action figures and figurines have always been popular among kids. Disney characters to Avengers, these figures always have a special impact on children.

Parents today are more than willing to agree to their children’s requests. With this strategy in mind, Crest was successful in attracting children towards the product.

Why do we like the Product ?

  • Concept-The concept is very strong. The freebie was very well aligned to the“Remember to Brush” Campaign. 
  • Execution- The artworks were just perfect.‘Smiles to Go’dental Gift Bag with”Remember to Brush” Visual Aid – Perfect messaging executed smartly
  • Fun factor -With a great concept and perfect execution, incorporating the licensed characters in the product kept the fun factor intact.

We at Impresario Promotions believe you cannot go wrong with a freebie which is equal parts – FUN & FUNCTION.

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