Impresario’s Sustainability Journey with L’Oreal

Impresario’s Sustainability Journey with L’Oreal

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Be it the product or its packaging, beauty and cosmetic industry face huge sustainability challenges. With the consumer’s being more aware of health, wellness and problems such as natural resource depletion & environmental degradation, the environmental performance of products and processes has become a key consideration.

As a promotional goods agency, we have worked closely with beauty and cosmetic brands. We realized that such issues not only have an environmental and social impact but also have an economic aspect and we continued to transform ourselves towards an increasingly more responsible and sustainable business model.

Consumers now are shifting towards greener brands, which integrate sustainable processes at all levels. Consumer delight is our ultimate goal, we now are providing product and packaging solutions that are more environmentally, socially and economically sound.

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L’Oreal has already hit the mark to set their brand apart by going that extra mile to bring change & make the world a little more beautiful with its exceptional initiatives. Our journey started with one such initiative -Providing Eco-packaging solutions to L’Oreal’s GWP which indeed turned out to be a remarkable step towards reducing the environmental impact of the single-use plastic in the promotional merchandise.

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