How Office Environment Impacts Your Creativity

How Office Environment Impacts Your Creativity

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Creativity in general means the ability to make or produce new things using skill or imagination. It is also defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

As they say, there is no right time to be creative and everybody’s level of creativity is also different. But one thing that we all can’t deny is, your surroundings and environment make a huge difference in order to be creative. The maximum working population spends the most amount of time at their workplace – therefore it is essential to have a good yet positive work environment to fetch out the maximum creativity within you.

Your workplace environment—including factors like incentives, competition, toxic work culture created by coworkers and supervisors and surveillance (to name a few) can impact your overall level of creativity at work.

In order to ensure and retain one’s creative touch, it is important to establish a work environment that allows one to express themselves freely. A creative work environment has many different characteristics that work together to build an open, trusting and innovative environment. A highly creative work environment enables employees to take risks and share ideas. They also allow employees with different skills, learning styles and personalities to adjust workplace practices to suit their needs. Creative work environment uses employee feedback to encourage a culture of mutual respect and appreciation of people’s unique strengths. It also includes work groups that are supportive, trusting, and receptive to new thoughts, and are also willing to constructively challenge each other’s ideas.

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People feel motivated and creative if they are rewarded with valuable feedback and are given direction at all times so they know how to proceed forward with what they are doing.

In short, creativity isn’t simply about finding the right candidate, it’s also about setting up the right work environment and work culture to allow people’s motivation and creativity to thrive.

We at Impresario believe that everyone is creative with different skill-sets and strengths, therefore we promote practicing ideas that inspire employees and their creativity.

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