How Blue Light From Your Phone And Laptop Could Be Damaging Your Skin!

How Blue Light From Your Phone And Laptop Could Be Damaging Your Skin!

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Monday blues extended all over the week, quite literally as our screen time increased drastically during the lockdown. From Zoom Calls to bingeing on Netflix and hopping from Ludo world to House Party, we had it all being online all the time.

Digital Pollution, a growing concern among cosmetic consumers

Exposition to digital pollution is a growing concern among cosmetic product consumers. Such pollution comes from screens (smartphones, tablets, computers…) which are now omnipresent in our daily lives. Digital pollution results from the blue light emitted by screens and is now known to be harmful to eyes and quality of sleep.
Human skin is exposed to blue light as well, and it is a trending topic in the cosmetic industry. Indeed, innovative cosmetic products are developed to prevent the damages caused to skin by blue light exposure. 

As a consequence, the industry needs to rely on innovative blue light cosmetic tests to support this claim.

Blocking the Blues with Colorbar USA #Blocktheblues 

This revolutionary homegrown cosmetic brand’s events, products, campaigns, or any action for that matter has always left our jaw’s dropped. One such current running campaign is #blocktheblues

We are surrounded by Tech devices, flat screens, smartphones, all of which cause a lasting aging concern with their toxic eerie haze of blue light. These rays penetrate deep into our skin causing free radical damage.

A digital detox is a luxury not many can afford!

To address this skin concern, Colorbar has launched a powerful ‘Blue-Light Defense’ range that is carefully designed to fight the effects of high energy blue light by creating a defensive barrier on our skin.

The Show’s Stopper of #Blocktheblues

Impresario Promotions along with Colorbar developed a blue light irradiation tester kit corresponding to screen exposure. It allows us to test and validate the cosmetic product’s efficacy against blue light-induced skin damages. These testers were placed in exclusive Colorbar Stores for a wholesome consumer experience.
Of course, it’s unlikely that we’re going to undergo a digital detox right now. But try to limit your screen time (even just a little) as prevention is always better than cure. But if you can’t, don’t panic, there are lotions and potions and other options to help prevent skin damage.

Together we will beat the blues!

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