Educational toys for kids – The new promotional freebie strategy

Educational toys for kids – The new promotional freebie strategy

Educational toys for kids - The new promotional freebie strategy

Children like to create art as they are visual and tactile learners. They should be involved in art and activities that enrich their mental development. Educational toys help them discover and develop their potential while developing their mental and physical attributes.

So, creating promotional items for kids that are educational and creative in nature are the best ways to promote the brands that primarily targets children.

A brand having these offerings catches parents attention, reassuring them that not only the product but also the free goodie is a suitable, authentic and useful value addition in their kids life.

Using educational toys as a promotional tool is not just a boon for the brand but also has added advantages and benefits for the kids including :

  • Enhances curiosity & creativity

    Kids are curious about how the world works. Educational promo items for kids found in the stores are the best alternatives for the kids to imagine, explore, experiment with things and feed their curiosity. Colourful tangible toys may be used to develop the cognitive skills of kids even at their young age.


  • Improves focus and limits screen time –

    Kids have limited concentration span as they get distracted easily. Innovative tools and toys with fancy colours and attractive styles help to increase kids focus and interest in learning.


  • Relieves stress –

    It’s not only the adults who deal with stress. Kids need to destress too. Parents must give attention not just to the cognitive aspects of their kids but also to their emotional health. Especially amidst the pandemic when kids are locked inside the houses, having educational toys like Fidget Toys are the new way to give the kids a calming and peaceful break from studies.


  • Develops problem solving skills –

    Giving them problem-solving toys like stackers or blocks can stimulate their thinking skills. One of the key roles of educational toys is to challenge their brain.


  • Nurtures creativity –

    It is a brilliant way to enhance creativity and encourage kids to take a break from using electronic gadgets. Keeping kids busy with worthwhile activities can improve their imagination and creativity. And using art/craft kits or DIY educational tools can make them feel good about their abilities.

Some of the trending educational tools that brands can opt for are – rubix cubes, DIY craft kids, fidget games, GK playcards, building blocks and stackers, puzzles, lego game set, toy trucks and cars, abacus and bead maze.

We promote making learning fun with educational toys and tools amongst children. Hence, we suggest brands to reach out to the masses in a way that every parent chooses their brand and product for their children without a doubt or any second thoughts. 

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