Eco friendly promotional items

Eco friendly promotional items

eco friendly promotional items

Climate change is not a hoax, it is real and is getting worse with each passing day. As responsible inhabitants of this planet, it becomes our duty to keep a check on our daily practices that affect our planet. 

In the same line of thought, not only common people but renowned brands and corporations are also coming forward taking the lead in practicing environmental sustainability.

Brands are trying to illustrate how they are changing their revenue-driven practices to environmental awareness practices by business processes that have the least impact on the environment as possible. 

The concept that revolves around this initiative is Sustainable Marketing.

eco friendly

Brands are stepping forward to launch eco-friendly products while creating the corresponding environment around them by using eco-friendly packaging, making products recyclable and reusable, designing products from recycled materials to reduce waste and more. 

One of the latest offerings that has grabbed our attention is – Use of eco-friendly products as promotional items by brands. Eco-friendly products instantly attract customer attention. Promotional items like them are more likely to trigger an impulse buy. It has a bespoke design that enhances brand recall and gauges customer attention. An eco-friendly freebie like this that is not only a gift but also useful and becomes an ideal free gift that a customer does not prefer to miss. 

Using eco-friendly products as a promotional giveaway creates awareness among the consumers about the environmental issues, demonstrates social responsibility and establishes a connection with the brand. Such brands are looked upon as conscious brands and this enhances the brand image in the market.

It also portrays the brand as environmentally friendly and one that cares about the world we live in. Because of this many customers resonate and support the brand and its values which thus leads to customer loyalty and attracting prospective customers. 

Some common examples of such recyclable packaging are : reusable paper/cloth bags, custom paper straws that eliminate use of single use plastic, recycled stationery products. Eco friendly products like these are practical, stylish and trendy. Undoubtedly, they’re a value addition to the brand as well as the consumer.

Sustainable marketing is in trend for good.

Use of eco- friendly products in a promotional marketing campaign complements the existing product and will improve the overall customer experience.

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