DIY Packaging

The COVID pandemic has shut off opportunities of leisure, recreational activities, crafts and hobbies. Such tough times have taught us to be self-reliant in all aspects of life. There’s been a radical seismic shift in the way people think and act.

In the pandemic, many tried their hand at creating something of their own. One such practise is DIY (DO IT YOURSELF), a concept that is catchy, fascinating and engaging. It is a part of the ‘self-made-culture’ and totally goes in line with the wave of self-reliance, the art of designing, creating and customizing things that can be put to use in our everyday lives.

With the pandemic hitting us, people had plenty of free time to engage in things that relieved them from the mundane routine of just sitting at their homes. As a result, DIY gained fame. It’s not only fun but saves the money one would spend on buying new stuff. Infact, not just individuals, but major brands also inculcated the concept of DIY, sustainable design and innovation in packaging, giving a second life to already packaged products.

Popular brands that hopped on the bandwagon with cool DIYs are Pizza hut, H&M etc. The idea of innovation in packaging and using it as a promotional strategy has proven to be a boon for the industry.
This not only grabs attention of the consumers but also puts the Brand’s image in limelight.

The unique concept of making a ball and a laptop stand using a pizza box not only grabbed eyeballs but was also appreciated across various global forums. The idea is practical as well as fun.

Another interesting way of using a carry bag was shown by H&M, making a DIY hanger out of those bags. Such promotional packaging ideas add value to the life of customers and attract them to opt for the brand while establishing top of mind recall.

Such solutions combined with innovation and sustainability definitely leaves a mark on the customers and we are in full support of this. 

Pizza hut and H&M, thanks for inspiring us !

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