Did You Know How The Leading FMCGs Are Killing With Their Packaging?

Did You Know How The Leading FMCGs Are Killing With Their Packaging?

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With the times changing around the planet’s degrading outset, many revolutionary decisions have been coming out in front of us. One such initiative taken up by the commercial industry is innovative packaging!! Packaging plays a vital role in catching the consumers’ eye. What is inside the box obviously matters, but the way it has been packed is always the first sight the consumers set their hearts upon.

Nowadays, many brands are focusing on their packaging themes and trying to bridge them with promotional campaigns. Many famous and successful examples of such ideas are Coca-Cola, Nestle, Dairy milk, etc.

Think outside the box but make your box innovative. The link of packaging with their promotional strategies has proved to be a boon for the industry.

How Coca-Cola stunned its forever consumers with the new idea they came up with…

Beverages producing goliath Coca-Cola came up with their multi-purpose use of Coca-cola stickers on the bottle. The most recent in a series of advancements from Coca-Cola sees music fans in Romania utilizing names as section passes to a portion of the nation’s driving show occasions. 

Coca-Cola Romania and McCann Bucharest created separable Coca-Cola names that twofold as performance wristbands for a portion of the country’s fundamental music occasions, including Transylvania’s ‘Untold’ celebration. Fans examine a limited-time standardized tag on the name with a cell phone application to check whether their container is a substantial ticket.

Skittles ”Give the Rainbow” Campaign

Another innovative strategy was adopted by Skittles with their “Give the Rainbow” campaign. Skittles removed their rainbow-colored packaging and turned it into basic black and white to throw light on more important subjects in society such as LGBTQ + Community. They firmly believed that they needed to get the attention of the world towards such topics and this was their way of doing so. Well, Skittles- We are proud of you!!!!

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