The “Why”, “What” & “How” of cartoon licensed cosmetic products

The “Why”, “What” & “How” of cartoon licensed cosmetic products

wonderwoman cosmetic

Now we can have Super Woman Makeup Dreams!!

Theme-based beauty collections generally sell very well and tend to become “very coveted and special” to consumers. “It’s a way of keeping our customer interested,” . It also Leverage Nostalgia  and is Popular amongst almost all TGs

“It’s a way of keeping our makeup artists interested in us and always being surprising.”

-James Gager, Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director, MAC Cosmetics

With global cosmetic brands trying various licensed character makeup ranges, we tried to understand what goes behind the scenes of such out-of-box brand moves

Signify Empowerment 

Every woman is a Mighty Aphrodite full of courage, confidence and charisma.Some Superheroes signify empowerment, deliver inspiration and of course, these fun characters hold nostalgia that we all wish to relive.
From cute little Powerpuff Girls, to the sensational Wonder Woman, each of these superheroes have inspired us and still have the power to grab eyeballs.

Adds the Perfect Quirk
Makeup is part of many folks’ every day routines, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. That’s why brands are looking to bring a little fantasy into their collections by taking inspiration from the movies.

No one does it alone, Collaborations have that magic combo – newness and commercializing

Be it for a new line promotion, top season campaigns, launching new products or building a portfolio, it seems that collaborations are everywhere.

If you’re a fan of the themed makeup collections, then the world is your oyster. In a beautiful act of creativity, Cosmetic brands are releasing licensed/theme collection.

Did you ever think you’d be in the market for Spider-Man lipstick?
This could possibly be the coolest collaboration of all time. The Face Shop Marvel Collection: This cult beauty brand has really delivered when it comes to design and product selection

MAC teamed up with DC Comics  to create a limited edition makeup collection inspired by one of the toughest ladies in comic book history. She fights crime in foxy hot pants (and sometimes a skirt) and has a penchant for practical accessories, like bullet-deflecting bracelets, magic lassos and boomerang headpieces, too!There’s no denying it — this girl is tough AND cute and the makeup collection turned out to be kickass!

The Way Forward: Cosmetics and Licensing 

The two greatest consumer demographic groups most likely to buy the most licensed products are Millennials and Gen Z. Fashion and luxury brands will continue to do more and more licensed collaborations to reinvent the brands for Millennials and Gen Z to make them feel more accessible. Millennials and Gen Z value experiences so brands need to create them.

Make your customer channel  their favorite superheroes through your makeup selection.
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