Bringing Fun To Your Koko Krunch Cereal With The Bear Spoon Promo

Bringing Fun To Your Koko Krunch Cereal With The Bear Spoon Promo

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KOKO KRUNCH® chocolate cereals – now in Koko bear shapes! Yes, you heard it right!! Get these cute little munchkins in your mouth with great taste! It’s all time favorite chocolate breakfast cereal kids love! They are a delicious combination of wholegrain and chocolate, plus iron, vitamins, and minerals.

Bid goodbyes to sleepy, tired mornings. It’s time to start your kid’s day with KOKO KRUNCH®, now in Koko bear shapes! It’s the ultimate chocolatey breakfast that showers happiness in kids to start their day

Koko Krunch bear Spoon Pack
Koko Krunch wants to bring fun to breakfast. Do you love breakfast or skip it?

It’s all your kids want!

KOKO KRUNCH® marketing campaign called “Awake Happiness” to strengthen the brand’s role in helping moms to start their children’s day by making their breakfast moments happier. To make children’s breakfast even more fun, KOKO KRUNCH® now comes in a new-look Koko Bear shape, which will permanently replace the old shape as part of a brand revamp.

We believe happiness is the key to success, and now children can be all pumped up with this innovative taste and fun-filled meals.

Today’s moms value their kids’ happiness and are on and off seeking ways to ensure a positive start to their kids’ day, so they imbibe the right attitude for a productive day. This is why KOKO KRUNCH® encourages kids to have a healthier and happier breakfast every day, reflecting Nestle’s Purpose of enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

This year koko krunch is bringing the KOKO KRUNCH® brand closer to moms and kids with our Awake Happiness campaign featuring a new look for KOKO KRUNCH® with cereal flakes in a delightful Koko Bear shape and a free koko bear shape spoon.


Not only this, it has much more stored in for the munchkins.  The bear-shaped spoon consumers can use for years to come makes this common tool a valuable keepsake.

And it also gives the brand recalls. Whenever any kid will see the spoon, it will have the brand recall!! Woohoo!  So much new for the kids this time with great taste!

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