AR/ VR Reshaping the world of Advertising and Marketing

AR/ VR Reshaping the world of Advertising and Marketing


The world of marketing and advertising has undergone groundbreaking transformation over the years due to evolving technologies. 

Now the brands are leaning towards AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies for their marketing campaigns and promotions. Before we delve deeper, it’s time to put some light on these technologies and how implementing such technologies not just builds excitement and curiosity amongst TG but also increases engagement thus leading to top-of-mind brand recall and further conversion of sales. 

The usage of AR allows brands to give consumers unique and never witnessed before experiences with the convenience and comfort of tapping into their mobile phones. AR allows consumers to try products before they actually buy them. From trying on your favorite clothes to testing your favorite makeup looks and products, AR has got you covered at possibly all steps to innovatively interact and engage with the consumers. 

AR and VR have opened a lot of doors for companies to promote and advertise their brands in a new light. It provides an immersive experience by creating personalized experiences for their consumers. 

One of the most prominent examples is IKEA, who created a virtual space where the consumers can test their products in real time to check the look and feel of the product before making a purchase.

AR/ VR Reshaping the world of Advertising and Marketing

Integrating AR has become an important factor for brands to promote their products

As the name suggests, AR is all about augmenting your reality and bringing figures and objects to life by just tapping into mobile devices. Leveraging this, the consumer promotion space has also taken a leap. Earlier consumer promotion was all about free gifts. In today’s time, consumer promotion is more like creating unique and interesting experiences to directly engage the consumer. 

AR in the form of on pack promotions in consumer space is the most sought-after way of engaging the consumers. On-pack promotions help the brand to stand out by providing consumers with innovative and immersive experiences. These promotions have enabled brands to stand out & connect with consumers in a fun way. All you have to do is, SCAN THE QR CODE ON THE PACK.

on pack ar milkybar on pack ar

As per statistics, implementing AR, VR and XR in digital campaigns has proven to increase the consumer engagement by 70%. 

Example: The famous Koko Krunch Magic Paint Book 

koko-krunch-magic-booklet Impresariokoko-krunch-magic-booklet Impresariokoko-krunch-magic-booklet Impresario

This was not just a free gift in the form of a paper book but also an extension of consumer promotion with respect to AR space. Here, all the paintings inside the book were not just paintings but also each painting came to life by just scanning the paintings on the mobile devices.

Besides this, AR filters are social media’s version of Augmented Reality and are available throughout different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. It has helped brands to grow their followings and advertise directly to consumers by providing funky and cool filters for them to enjoy.

Glimpses of few such filters created by famous brands below:

AR/ VR Reshaping the world of Advertising and Marketing

Are you AR ready for your next campaign?

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