About Us 02

Ideation packs the biggest punch in
our arsenal

Impresario Promotions

A decade-old innovative and ideation-centric agency, specialising in consumer promotions and promotional marketing

We manage a global network of partners across multiple categories, with a
clear focus on regulatory compliance and sustainability

Our USPs

Quality, Commitment, Design

The Mission at

Build Brand Salience
Seize Attention with Substance
Stimulate Customers’ Purchase Instinct

To impress the consumer, we have adopted a

three way approach.

We connect brands with millions of buyers,
with the means of something special,
and something to remember by.

Reserve your place in customer’s conscious

Impresario, a talented mix of Spirited Marketers
and Merchandize Wizards.

Our focus on creative ideation has single-handedly propelled us to the
leadership position, supported by continued investment in product
engineering and client support models.

Impresario Founders

Srishti Jain


Sharad Jain