Covid-19: A Necessary Evil For Indian Manufacturing

Covid-19: A Necessary Evil For Indian Manufacturing

Indian Manufacturing

The power race among the countries is no hide and seek, anymore!! Every nation is running fast in the relay of power and no country is ready to hand over the torch to another. One such scenario has been introduced to us during Covid-19 times. No country has been able to hide under the table from the stroke of this pandemic. China, as no unaware fact, has been the leading country when it comes to manufacturing. But covid has taught that the king and its throne is not permanent. Volunteers have changed!

Very proudly, India has been observed to be running its battle ahead of all. Globally, many manufacturing units are deciding to shift their domains from China to India, geographically. This means opportunities will be pouring down upon us!! India did outgrow China in the manufacturing of PPE kits as well. With the plan of units shifting to India, Covid has proved not to be all saddening for us. Many organizations in India have begun and successfully accomplished the production of products within India giving a perfect example of how Indian manufacturing is like a shining star in the dark sky!!

Covid-19 did come without a warning and led to being one of the worst pandemics ever. At a naissance stage, it has affected almost all kinds of industries excluding the medical domain. But as we moved ahead and fought our battle with the same, it proved to be a blessing in disguise.

The pandemic has come with pockets full of opportunities for Indian citizens and many people have got their lost hopes back. 

India has now marked its presence in the field of FMCG products despite many others. One of the blooming hits of this achievement is, Impresario Promotions have implemented the Vocal for Local in its own way with the outcome of the products like Lifebuoy Shooter toy and Koko Krunch Spoon.

koko krunch spoon  shooter toy lifebuoy

Hence, it leaves us with no surprise at all why global firms look to shift from China to India for production purposes. 

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